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Gift voucher (from 10 CHF)

Gift voucher (from 10 CHF)

This scrunchie is made from a dead stock fabric from a haute couture house

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With the purchase of a gift voucher you will receive a code usable directly on the shop at the time of payment. We advise you to write the code received on a beautiful card with a nice word to offer it.

A personal gift

The person receiving the gift voucher will have a wide variety of choices to suit their tastes. Indeed, we release three different models of scrunchies per day.

Suitable for all hair types

It doesn't matter if she has thick or thin hair, the suppleness of the scrunchie will hug her hair gently and effectively.

A useful accessory

When we offer a gift to an important person in our eyes, we are often afraid that this person does not see any use for it. This will not be the case with scrunchies that are to a person's taste.

Rare models

Every design we release is available in limited numbers, giving you the advantage of having a rare accessory that was produced in small quantities.

The ethical side

All our darlings are made in Switzerland and made from second-hand fabrics.


If your scrunchie breaks for no reason within three months of your purchase, we will refund you or send you a new one of your choice of the same value as the one you ordered, the choice is yours!

This way, you ensure that your accessory will last over time .


You will not pay any delivery costs in Switzerland!

Normally, you will receive your order within 3 to 7 working days following your order if you live in Switzerland.

Don't hesitate to leave us a message if you need to receive it more quickly .

In the rest of Europe, delivery costs €4, excluding customs fees.

Outside Europe, delivery costs are approximately $10, excluding customs taxes.


You have 30 days after receiving your order to send it back to us if you don't like it.

In fact, you can receive your favorite at home, observe the color and quality of the material, see if it fits well with the thickness of your hair and test how well the elastic holds.

There is no justification to give if you decide to send it back to us.

Size guide Maintenance tips

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  • 1.

    From a “fast fashion” production

  • 2.

    Too or not tight enough

  • 3.

    made with poor quality material

  • 4.

    composed of a quickly relaxing elastic



We live in a world where the most luxurious fabrics, intended to embellish haute couture catwalks, simply end up thrown away, forgotten, wasted.

We therefore decided to avoid participating in the pollution caused by the fashion industry by giving a second life to dead stock fabrics from haute couture houses.


Have you ever experienced the frustration of a scrunchie that slips or pulls your hair too much?

It doesn't matter whether you have thick or thin hair, the flexibility of the scrunchie will hug your hair gently and effectively.


A scrunchie that tears or fades after a few uses has almost become the norm.

Our haute couture fabrics ensure the best quality on the market and we offer you a three-month guarantee on your scrunchie. So you will have time to test its quality.


You will be able to keep your scrunchies for the long term without them losing their elasticity.

The fabric elastics we use will hold your hairstyle in place, day after day.

  • "I've tried several scrunchies from other brands but it's yours that I prefer in terms of hold, elasticity and above all beauty 😍" @stlgws_

  • "They absolutely don't hurt my hair, it's as if I hadn't tied them up, it's incredible! And it holds really well on my hair which is quite fine, it's great! 🫶" @marina_jrl

  • "The scrunchies are magnificent and of incredible quality 😍, thank you for your work 🫶🏼" @aureglos

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