It was in 2019 that we asked ourselves the following question: How to combine beauty and sustainability?

We therefore launched our concept: selecting second-hand fabrics to make favorites, sewn by hand in Switzerland. The favorite workshop, once created, very quickly grew.

After two years of activity, thanks to the experience acquired and your valuable feedback, we decided to use our resources to improve our products while keeping the initial vision: responsible elegance. This is one of the biggest challenges we faced, because we risked losing everything we had built by redesigning our product from the ground up.

Among the improvements we have made there is one that is particularly important: Rather than settling for second-hand fabrics, we decided to use end-of-line fabrics from haute couture houses . Indeed, each year, “deadstock” fabrics represent a huge part of the pollution emitted on Earth.

In this way, we save fabrics of exceptional quality , intended to be thrown away to make creations of which we are proud.

Since then, our range has diversified , incorporating other hair accessories (clips, headbands), but the promise remains: quality, durability, elegance.

We firmly believe that the only way to offer an interesting alternative to the fast fashion giants is to go against what they have always done.

We do everything to honor you in the long term, even if it means offering a three-month guarantee on each of your orders...

Thank you so much for your support since our beginnings, you change our lives!

Salomé and Kaïs