This page is dedicated to providing complete and transparent information to our customers regarding the eco-responsible nature of their purchases with us.

We are firmly committed to providing a high quality and sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

Scrunchies and headbands

Our collection of scrunchies and headbands is designed with an eco-friendly approach. We reuse end-of-series fabrics from prestigious haute couture houses.

These houses, known for the exceptional quality of their textiles, often find themselves with surpluses which risk waste. By reclaiming these fabrics, we give new life to materials that would otherwise be thrown away, while creating premium quality hair accessories. In addition, each accessory is designed in Switzerland.

Concerning the elastics necessary for the manufacture of our products, we initially looked for local suppliers without success. After multiple consultations with experts in supply , it has become clear that the only options available are in Asia. While ensuring superior quality of our elastics, we continue our efforts to find more local production solutions in the future.

Our fabric labels and packaging are produced in Europe.


As for our biodegradable acetate items, they are made in France in collaboration with partner producers of luxury brands. Cellulose acetate, or cotton resin, is a material recognized for its quality and robustness. By choosing this material and collaborating with renowned craftsmen, we guarantee not only the excellence of our products but also support for local artisanal know-how.

With our commitments, we want to offer fashion that stands out for its efforts to be responsible and of superior quality.