Find your ideal headband size in 3 simple steps

The headbands come in three distinct sizes. Follow these steps to determine yours:

1. Measure your head circumference:

  • Position a string or ribbon around your head where you want the headband to be worn (usually just above the forehead in the front and above the nape of the neck in the back).

2. Adjusts for comfort:

  • Make sure the string or ribbon fits snugly, without being too loose or too tight, to define the desired comfort for your headband.

3. Determine your size:

  • Spread out the string or ribbon and measure its length. Then, compare the measurement to the sizes below to find the one that suits you best:

  • S : 45 to 52 cm

  • M : 53 to 57 cm

  • L : 58 to 62 cm

Choose your size and enjoy the comfort provided by our headbands!