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  • Perfect hold for thick and thin hair
  • French ethical manufacturing
  • Quality materials
  • Made from biodegradable cotton resin
  • 6 cm long, 3 cm thick

This small matte beige clip is made of biodegradable acetate. Perfect for a low bun or a half-up half-down hairstyle.


If your hair clip break for no reason within three months of your purchase, we will refund you or send you a new one of your choice of the same value as the one you ordered, the choice is yours!

In this way, you ensure that the material and the spring are of quality and that they will last over time .


You will not pay any delivery costs in Switzerland!

Normally, you will receive your order within 3 to 7 working days following your order if you live in Switzerland.

Don't hesitate to leave us a message if you need to receive it more quickly .

In the rest of Europe, delivery costs €4, customs charges may apply.


You have 30 days after receiving your order to send it back to us if you don't like it.

In fact, you can receive your clip at home, observe the color and quality of the material, see if it suits the thickness of your hair and test how well the elastic holds.

No justification to give if you decide to send it to us in return.

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  • 1.

    They don't hold the hair well

  • 2.

    They are not produced in an eco-friendly way

  • 3.

    They break easily

  • 4.

    They are made of cheap, poor quality material


Pince brune noire pour cheveux, résistante et chic -femme


This clip will perfectly hold all of your hair , regardless of its mass or thickness.

The quality spring which closes the pliers delicately but surely will allow you to no longer worry about your hairstyle.

In fact, as this clip is so pleasant to wear, you will no longer notice it.


This hair clip is entirely made in France by a producer sharing the same values ​​as us, in order to favor ethical and local production.

In addition, it is made from cellulose acetate (cotton resin), a biodegradable and hypoallergenic material .

The best choice for the planet and for the health of your hair!

Pince noire rectangulaire pour cheveux, résistante et chic -femme


Ordinary hair clips are very fragile, it only takes one wrong move to break them. In addition, they also tend to loosen or lose the vibrancy of their color.

Thanks to its material and its solid spring, these clips will hold your different hairstyles faithfully over the long term .


Attention to detail is essential, which is why we have chosen a producer who pays great attention to each of his creations.

From the material used to the finishes , these clips will meet your expectations.